(( I’m still really sorry that I haven’t been able to update in ages, I hope to get some freetime soon— ))

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(( hey all, sorry that i haven’t updated much recently!  school has really cracked down and i haven’t had the time to do anything.  i have just now started out part two of the bear event so i hope it won’t take too long— ))

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"You always find a way to complain about everything, you goose."

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There’s nothing about me that you should be afraid of, honestly!  But thank you for your kindness, it’s really appreciated.

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I could!  It just gets tiring pretty quickly, that’s the only downside.


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How sensitive are your wings?? as sensitive as your fingertips so they can feel a lot of pain or not that much?

Well- They’re pretty sensitive but not as much as hands are.  You see,


The feathers themselves are dull so I can vaguely feel things with them, like if there was something in the way or shifts in the air but the only pain from them is on the arm of the wing.  If they get pulled or snapped then yeah, it hurts. It’s more sensitive along the wing-arm of course.

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I did one of these for this nerd


"Look it’s me!"

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Al’s current outfit and wing design.  May change sometime, but this has been needed for a while. be sure to check out the image in one piece as well

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(( also— I marked the inactive berd blogs as such in the faq ))

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It was from one of those magic anons a while back- I think over a year ago honestly.

While it was fun, that type of wing isn’t something I’m used to.  They were pretty broad compared to mine.  I’d rather have my funky striped wings any day over a different kind.  Thank you for the compliment!

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