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Thank you all for sticking with me and gosh, I honestly never thought we’d get this far ;w;/

I want to do something for you guys, either a thank you image or a giveaway but I’ve never done a giveaway before-

but gosh, thank you all again. <3 ))

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Part of the world is covered in forests, home to enormous trees and rock formations as rivers swirl their way through.  It’s enough to make anyone feel insignificant. 

Will be part of a series.

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Forgot to upload this here XD berd!Alfred from here.Check it out, this AU is awesome!

(( ahhhahhah gosh, he looks adorable! ))

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So I thought this was cute and—


look at him go

from this

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I’ll gladly take a fish!  Thank you~

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I’d rather not… let them be touched… it’s just a defensive thing.

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I’m not gonna pass down a hug, so yeah!

As for my wings, it’s natural oils that make them ‘shine’ and proper care, like grooming them and keeping them clean.  Those oils also help with keeping them intact and waterproofing so they aren’t completely soaked through when I dive.  About once a week I sit down and try to give them a thorough washing.

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There you go, now~

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The bands on my wrists and elbows as well as the ones on my face are all markings I was born with.  All ospreys have ones like this and the lines on my face are slowly getting more noticeable-

The other ones are tattoos and I still have a lot more lined up to get once I turn 19.

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Sort of on this topic. What do you guys look like when you're first born. Dp you have feathers or just like. Naked wings? Did you guys have down feathers???

Well, we look like normal human children when we’re born, only with wings and a short tail.  Our wings grow in feathers soon after and we can’t fly until we’re a few years old.  The first feathers we get aren’t really suited for anything other than warmth.  There are some downy feathers on our backs, of course.

Our wings don’t grow in proportion when we do, they grow much faster but there’s a lot of strength we have to build up before we can take off. 

Here’s what I looked like when I was little—

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